Tristan Thompson caught red handed while cheating on Khloe

What can be a more painful situation when your partner cheats on you and you are about to give birth to your baby. Yes, this just happened with Khloe Kardashians. As she can give birth to her baby girl any time soon, a video of Tristan Thompson surfaced on the internet in which he was taking a mysterious girl to her hotel room.

As per the resources, that is the same girl Tristan was getting cozy in the club. Now isn’t it heartbreaking that Tristan chose this extremely sensitive time to cheat on Khloe? Khloe’s elder sister Kim is extremely mad at Tristan who has hurt her little sister at this important of her life.

It is very tough to believe for Kardashians that Tristan would disrespect Khloe like this when she is just a few days away from becoming a mother of the newborn. Kim is really protective of her sisters and this incident just made him furious. Though, Kim knows that how important it is for Khloe to stay stress-free as this heartbreak can put a fatal impact on Khloe and her unborn baby. Also, knowing the sensitivity of the moment Kim has turned to her mom Kris Kardashian to consult about the situation.

The ultimate concern of the Kardashian at this point of crisis is to take care of Khloe and do everything to comfort her and her baby. It will be really heartbreaking for Khloe as she was really happy in this relationship. Khloe and Tristan started dating in 2016. Khloe has suffered a heartbreak earlier too. But when she met Tristan she was totally devoted to him and trusted him. The news of couple’s marriage was also getting aired a few days back.

Earlier in October 2017, Tristan also got seen at a Hookah Lounge making out with a girl while another girl was leaning on him and touching his private part. Lookslike Tristan doesn’t mind at cheating her loving girlfriend, no matter what the situation is. For the very moment, we just pray that Khloe and her baby stay healthy.


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