Khloe Kardashian can give birth to her baby anytime

After Kylie’s pregnancy, Kardashians are excited to welcome their new family member, Khloe’s baby. Well, if you are eager to see her baby, then here is a good news for all of you guys. Though, its Khloe’s first baby so she is a bit scared.

The soon-to-be-mommy took her Instagram handle and we got the update on her pregnancy status. She posted a picture of herself with her boyfriend and put this caption- “We are ready whenever you are little mama.”

Khloe is dating Triston Thompson, a Canadian professional basketball player. The couple makes a great pair. Though, they are not engaged. So there is also the news that the couple ready to marry anytime soon and the marriage will be extraordinary and most expensive of the Kardashian family.

Whereas Khloe denies such rumors and says that right now her focus is on pregnancy. As per the sources, Khloe is in labor and can deliver baby anytime. Her Gynecologist Dr. Thais Aliabadi posted a picture on social media on April 7. To which she added the caption- “I have the best job in the world …. #mysaturdaynight #lovemypatients #allbymyself #doctorswho travel.”

Interestingly the doctor is from Los Angeles and traveling to somewhere or should we say visiting Cleveland as Khloe will give birth to her baby girl in Ohio. Khloe is lucky as she is getting tons of advice from her sisters and mother. In fact, Khloe is pretty irritated from Kris Jenner’s string of advice.

Unlike her sisters, Khloe has not allowed the Keeping Up With Kardashians camera to start rolling in the delivery room. Khloe has learned so much from Kylie’s pregnancy. Being the well-wishers of Kardashians we just wish the Khloe’s delivery may go as smooth as Kylie’s and fans shower the same love on Khloe as they had poured on Kylie.


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