Khloe gives birth to baby girl in the presence of Tristan

Finally, the day has arrived. Khloe gave birth to her little baby girl on Thursday around 4 AM EDT. As per the sources, her sisters, mother, best friend, and Tristan himself was present at the very moment. It is Khloe and Tristan’s first kid.

Despite having eight years of relationship with her ex-husband Lamar Odom, she didn’t become a mother. But after getting into a relationship with Tristan who just not only loved Khloe like the princess but also won her family support. It was Khloe’s sheer love that she planned her first baby with Tristan.

But, did Tristan genuinely cares for Khloe? Well, it seems like he doesn’t. If we believe the viral videos and photo of Tristan making out with other women then we just feel extremely bad for Khloe.

Kardashians haven’t officially reacted to the scandal and pretending like nothing has happened. There are lots of gossips happening about Tristan and Kardashians. Khloe fans have flooded Tristan’s social media accounts with hate comments.

If we believe the sources then allow us to tell you that Khloe is actually ready to give their relationship a second shot. Tristan is trying to convince Khloe that the recent scene was a set up for him and how groupies tried to hang on him and things are not like as they have shown.

Therefore, it seems like the couple won’t get affected much by the riot and also Khloe is a hopeless romantic person, she even gave several chances to her ex-husband but nothing actually worked out. In this case, Khloe wants to give Tristan a second chance and want to focus on their relationship and new baby girl.

The controversial family has not revealed the name of the baby girl. But stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated with all the current happenings.


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