In a sad turn of events, Harry Anderson, known for his role as Judge Harry T. Stone on the NBC Comedy sitcom, “Night Court” was found dead on Monday morning at a home in Asheville, North Carolina. He was 65 years old. The reason behind his death was not reported however, the Asheville Police Department confirmed the news about his death and said that no foul play was suspected.

Anderson featured in three episodes of season 1 of the NBC sitcom “Cheers” and portrayed the role of a local magician named Harry “The Hat” Gitties. That role, which Anderson would often reprise later on the then rising television sitcom, led to him earning the lead in the show “Night Court.” The show also starred Markie Post, John Larroquette and Richard Moll.

The show debuted in 1984 as a replacement and the lead-out of the show “Cheers.” The “Night Court” show later when on to be a primetime lineup for its nine seasons.

Anderson, who was also an accomplished Magician, was nominated for three consecutive Emmys for his role on the show from 1885-87. He stayed with the television series through its 193 episode run.

He also starred in the 1990s show “Dave’s World” where he portrayed the role of newspaper columnist Dave Barry. The show lasted for four seasons through 1997. Apart from this, Anderson has made several appearances on “Saturday Night Live” in the early and mid 1980’s.

Notably, Anderson was born on October 14, 1952 in Newport, Rhode Island and had the art of magic. After moving to Los Angles and graduating from Hollywood High School, Anderson practiced his magic skills often. He had joined a club in his teen days and reportedly earned money being a street magician in San Francisco when he was 17. He had earlier said that he never sought to be an actor at that point of time.

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