Going by the recent reports, the “Dance Mom” star Abby Lee Miller had to undergo an emergency spinal surgery on April 17.

Abby Lee, 51, gad went to consult the doctor complaining of a neck pain over the weekend and was sent to the emergency room. A representative for the Orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr. Melamed of Marina del Rey told E! News that Abby Lee had to undergo an emergency surgery after an infection in her spine was discovered.

Abby Lee went through the surgery to remove a mass near the infectious spine. Dr. Melamed went on to explain that if the mass had not been removed on time then the infection could have become the cause of Abby Lee’s death or could have paralysed her. The doctor further said that she was paralysed and could not even move yesterday. However, Abby Lee, was recently released from prison in Victorville, California late last month, is now able to move her toes, arms and can feel the touches from the doctor before she went for the surgery.

Post her surgery which began at 1am PT on April 17, Abby Lee is currently recovering in the ICU but as of late, it is still unclear whether or not she will be able to walk again.

Notably, Abby Lee was transferred to a halfway house in Long Beach from the prison in California on March 27. The transfer took place after she spent more than eight months in the federal prison. As per the reports in March, Abby Lee’s release date was moved up to May 25 from June 21 and is now expected to serve the remaining two months of her prison sentence at the halfway house.

During her time in the prison, Abby Lee passed a real estate class and received a personal finance class diploma as well.

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