Electric Vehicle soon to run on Australian Roads

We are familiar to the fact that electronic cars are the future of the automobile industry but we find that Australia is much slower in the pace for this particular topic.

On a global level, the sales of electronic operated cars are nearly to grow around 40 percentage every year, reaching nearly 1.5 million sales in just 3 and a half moth of this year, 2018. Still now, Australia lags behind with only about 4000 electronic cars on road.

Sources say that a small company of Australia is looking forward for making an Australian-made electric vehicle, smoke free cars. There are no Australian made battery powered car makers but ACE Electric Vehicle is coming forward to change this scenario.

The company, which started as GetGreen – an energy management company – before evolving into solar farm development and branching out into electric cars, says it wants to bring manufacturing back to Australia, specifically regional Queensland.

ACE: The design of UTE

ACE is targeting the release of its first electric car by the third quarter of the year. There are two models – Ute, dubbed the Yewt and a cargo van having prices below $40,000.Two more vehicles are also expected to come by 2019.

“We are proud to be launching our first range of Australian electric vehicles,” ACE Electric Vehicles managing director Greg McGarvie said, “This is now a realistic proposition since our agreements on a new patented manufacturing process for electric vehicles.”

As per the sources, the vehicles had been designed predominately for urban environment and are designed jobs like small trades or physiology labs. The vehicles have a total range of 350 kilometres using a 40 kilowatt hour battery – the Tesla Model 3 has a 50 kilowatt hour battery – although 99 per cent of trial trips have been less than 110 kilometres.

The carbon fibre components of the vehicle are being built up in China while they will be assembled back in Australia. It was being informed that the components will be shipped to Australia and will be assembled like the IKEA and once the demand for the cars increases in the market, the entire manufacturing setup will be shifted in Australia.

Canberra is going its own way, announcing on Friday plans to make at least half of all newly leased ACT government fleet vehicles either electric or hydrogen powered.
The plans also include the establishment of EV-charging stations between Canberra and Sydney, a review of parking and traffic as well as permitting zero-emissions vehicles to drive in transit and bus lanes until 2023.

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  1. About time! Amazing that all our vehicle manufacturing closes down and nobody thinks of using the workforce to make electric cars. Let’s face it, Australia has plenty of sunshine!


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