Americans have happily sung for ten long years along with the words, ‘Five, five dollars, five dollars foot-long!’

however, the famous jingle of Subway will be soon going extinct as the fast-food chain has revealed that franchise locations will no longer be forced to run the cheap promotion. CEO Trevor Haynes will now let each franchisee decide whether it wants to sell the $5 Footlong sandwiches or not.

After hearing the complaints from the franchise owners about the $5 Footlong deal after it came back in the market last year, Haynes took this decision.

The promotion was first launched in 2008 and helped boost sales for franchises across the US as the country was hit by the Great Recession.

But in 2014 the deal had bumped to $6 and in 2017 the promotion was changed to $7 before Subway decided to bring back the $5 Footlong in the month of January.

Haynes said the company knew it needed to make a change as franchise owners began complaining about the slim margins they earned off the promotion.

He told USA Today. ‘How do we help our franchisees with more of a regional value message, so they’re able to [have] a value proposition that fits with their economic model. If you look at California, there’s a very different cost of business than in Arkansas. Affordable food is what we’ve always stood for,’ he added. ‘It’s not just about one price point.’

Haynes is now encouraging the franchises to try their own value options like in San Francisco, where a $3.99 six-inch sub is on offer.

This is the first major change Haynes has made for the chain since becoming CEO this summer after the retirement of Suzanne Greco, the sister of co-founder Fred DeLuca.

Haynes is now trying to help Subway stand out in a transforming fast food market where it no longer remains one of the sole healthy options. He is also trying to disassociate the chain from Jared Fogle, who was the company’s spokesman for 15 years before he was convicted for child porn.

However, changes to the brand have included giving customers more options than the standard roll.

In March Subway launched a line of wraps which Haynes said have been ‘extremely successful for our brand’.

Current wrap options being offered by the chain include the BLT, chicken and bacon, and chipotle steak and bacon. Subway has also begun testing out paninis in California, with flavors including Montreal steak and provolone, sweet and smoky chicken and bacon, and grilled cheese and bacon. The chain is also working on new flavors including guajillo steak and a spicier poultry option known as ‘Firebird chicken’.

Hundreds of San Diego locations are also testing out four new ‘regional flavor’ sandwiches,  including a Steakhouse Melt, California Club, Provencal Tuna Melt, and an ‘Italian Grinder’ – made with ham, salami, and pepperoni. New drinks including the Watermelon Agua Fresca and Passion Fruit Agua Fesca are also been introduced.

The company also plans to redesign franchise restaurants with a ‘fresh, green palette’ that will be ‘vegetable-inspired’.  Haynes also mentioned that the company wants to focus on what it does best rather than straying with something too different. He is planning to do that by keeping the focus on Subway’s customization.

Mia Noles
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