According to the news, Arlington, Texas, will not be the site of Amazon’s second headquarters, or HQ2.

This piece of information is not just an information for the ones who had been following the HQ2 saga of Amazon but also for the officials of the city who had submitted the bid to Amazon through the nearby Dallas.

Although Arlington did not make the 20 city shortlist for the new headquarters of AmaxoA, Dallas did.

On Tuesday, the city officials of Arlington, released the details of the hid which it had submitted with Dallas. However, according to the Texas Tribune, Amazon rejected it two weeks ago.

Arlington had offered $921 million in incentives, the officials said after disclosing the bid’s rejection. Those included things like parking space, incentives for Amazon to hire local residents, and land grants for developing the new headquarters.

The pitch did not detail any incentives at the state level.

According to the bid, the city projected that in the next ten years the project would result in at least 96,000 permanent jobs, $50 billion in salaries and wages, and $4 billion in sales that would be subject to taxes.

Arlington also confirmed that it hosted Amazon on a site visit some months ago, as it was one of the 10 cities in northern Texas that were part of Dallas’ larger pitch. Other sites in and around Dallas are still in the running for HQ2.

However, the elimination of Arlington, while just part of the larger proposal from Dallas, is still significant. No public acknowledgement about the elimination has been made by Amazon since it released its shortlist, but the company appears to be chugging right along in its HQ2 selection process.

Mia Noles
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