The creator of the ABC’c popular show “Scandal”, Shonda Rhimes had a message for the legions of “#Gladiators” who wrapped up the Hollywood Theatre- El Capitan on Thursday to celebrate the end of the show’s seven season run with a series finale centered on top Washington DC crisis manager Olivia Pope.

Rhimes told her fans, “I refuse to talk about legacy, because I’m not dead.”

Several fans of “Scandal” were present at the theatre. Most of them were seen wearing trench coats to pay homage to Pope’s power outfits. All of them extended standing ovation when Rhimes, star Kerry Washington (who plays the role Pope), and the show’s cast members gathered for one last time to conduct a special reading of the finale series script, which aired on Thursday.

The event began around an hour before the episode aired at 10 pm. West Coast broadcast was an advantage for the Actors Fund which is a non profit organisation that offers assistance to entertainment industry professionals. The fans paid about $75 and $500 to see the cast read out the script on millions of TVs across the country.

Notably, “Scandal” premiered on evasion for the first time in the year 2012. When Rhimes injected the series with soap opera-style mayhem and Washington spearheaded a social media campaign in order to connect with the viewers, the show gained popularity and momentum. By the time the show’s second season got over, it was appointment viewing for the fans who called themselves to be “Gladiators.”

The show also created history as for the first time an African American female character lead a drama series in nearly 40 years.

The event came to an end with the executive producer of the show Betsy Beers narrated the scene in the finale of the two young girls staring up at a powerful portrait of Pope wearing a gown, which was displayed in a museum.

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