Salman Khan found guilty in Black Buck case and sentenced to 5 years of prison

Superstar Salman Khan will remain behind the bars for five years. Yes, you read that right. The Indian star was in Black Buck controversy for almost 20 years. From all the while he was getting accused of killing and hunting the animals.

The unfortunate incident happened while he was shooting for ‘Hum Sath Sath Hai’ movie in 1998 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. As per the sources, 20 years back Salman Khan and his co-stars Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre were out on a ride and hunted black dear.

When the incident happened then the people of Bishnoi community come on the spot after hearing the sound of the gunshot and claimed that they have seen the car which was running away from the location and Salman Khan was the driver.

After stretching the case for two decades, he found guilty of poaching two antelopes, a protected species on Thursday. Other four co-stars of the actor got acquitted due to lack of the proof.

The court sentenced the actor 5 years in prison and 10,000 Indian rupees ($154) fine as a punishment. Mr Khan has many uncomplete projects and work commitments in his kitty which are worth of around $92 million.

After 1998 this is the fourth time he is facing the charges against him for the same case. In 2006 he got the same punishment of five years in prison but he got out on the bail and sentence order got suspended. Meantime, he got excused in 2016 for the case. But the state government appealed against the verdict 2016 and case brought Salman Khan in jail back.

Though, Salman Khan can appeal to the higher court. But he will have to spend Thursday night in the jail. There were 28 witnesses were available against Salman Khan. Black Buck is an endangered species and protected by the Indian Law. Now, there is a possibility the case may stretch more if the superstar takes help of the higher court.


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