Mariah Carey reveals her experience with Bipolar Disorder

Popular American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey spoke about her battle with Bipolar II Disorder. She discovered about the mental illness in seventeen years back in 2001. She spoke about her health issue so that the disgrace related to all mental illness can get eliminated.

While talking about the issue Carey said that it does not have to describe you and she refused to allow it to define her or control her. This is just one part that she felt it was time to be able to speak about, she added. This is for the first time she has let her fans know about her dark experience.

Initially, she didn’t want to believe that but later she asked for the help. Until then she lived in a constant fear of getting exposed to other people. When she decided to take treatment she surrounded herself from the positive people and continued her work of making music. Carey also thought that she has a sleep disorder but it was not normal insomnia.

She was irritated and suffered from severe depression, there were times when she felt low, sad and alone. At a point, she also thought that she was not doing any good for her career. But with her decision of accepting her mental state and taking the treatment including medication, everything started falling in right place for her.

Now she is gaining the proper balance of her mental state and does not feel tired or sad anymore. Seems like the medication is working in her favor. In order to destigmatize the disorder, she was self-motivated to share her experience with this mental battle.


In the ‘People’ magazine, she appeared on the cover for the same issue and posted the cover picture on her Instagram account with the caption- “I’m grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you.”



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