Cardi B, 25 performed phenomenally at Coachella this year and did not let her growing baby bump get in the way of her first ever on-stage performance at the annual California music festival.

But this does not imply that her pregnancy did not affect her at all.  On Sunday evening, at one point during her performance, Cardi B told the audience, “I’m running out of breath. You know my pregnant ass. I need some friends to help me out.” That was when she brought G-Eazy on the stage after which they performed together on his song “No Limit” before she sang some more verses and the backup dancers grinding up and down on the poles set up behind her.

Cardi B did indeed walk all through the stage, so she was definitely having fun despite the baby bump. Later, she removed her white jacket and revealed her growing baby bump, visible under the tight-fitting white dress which she was wearing.

Cardi B then went on to address the crowd and told them about her recent success, “Let me tell you something. When God put you somewhere, he’s the only one who can take you out.”

Notably, the people who were missing were Migos and her baby’s father Offset, who were performing later on that night. But it was good to see Cardi B in good spirit- perhaps too good- as she twerked on the entire stage with full energy, not letting her pregnancy come in the way and slowing down her performance. She performed on hits such as “Get Up 10” which was the opener song, later it was her verse from Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” which lightened the mood and by the end she sang “Bodak Yellow” with a bang.

If her high spirit and energy was any sort of indication, then it looks like her upcoming tour with Mars will show no sign of a compromise.

Emma Joe
Emma Joe is a contributor at Ode Magazine covering entertainment, politics, and trending news. She studied business management and has written for multiple websites. In addition to writing and expanding her art portfolio, Heather loves spending time with her family and traveling. You can contact her at


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