Cardi B is all set to co-host The Tonight Show

The American rapper is all set to co-host very famous ‘The Tonight Show’ along with Jimmy Fallon. The show will be air on April 9.  She will be seen supporting her new album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ and after that, she will interview the episode’s guest with Jimmy Fallon.

It would be a treat to watch Cardi B on The Tonight Show because she is full of confidence and has a great sense of humour. Also, earlier in December, she has been on the show and the short youtube video of that episode got 16 million views. Jimmy and Cardi’s chemistry was great and her appearance on the show went viral.

Meantime, Cardi B will make history this time by co-hosting the show as she will become the first co-host of ‘The Tonight Show.’ The list of other guests has not been announced yet.

Last time, when Cardi B came to the show in December, she entertained everyone by just being herself until the end of the show. She shared many things like she didn’t want to buy Christmas presents for anyone and revealed the secret behind this and how did her name become Cardi B.

She has received two Grammy nominations for ‘Best Rap Performance’ and ‘Best Rap Song.’ Usually, Cardi has amazing answers to the interview’s questions. So Jimmy and Cardi set the expectation high for the Monday’s episode. Don’t skip this.

Remember while she was on Grammy Red Carpet, she said that she feels butterflies in stomach and vagina. Whereas Jimmy is a great entertainer, Cardi B always remains herself and keeps herself candid. So it would be definitely fun to watch them together hosting the show and interviewing other guests.

Get yourself ready for coming laughter riot.


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