A Quiet Place roars at box office, John Krasinski gets his blockbuster

A quiet place has managed to earn $50.2 million in the weekend which is quite impressive for a low budget movie. It’s an exceptional box-office number for this horror movie. John Krasinski introduced the fear and power of silence and got his much-needed blockbuster.

The great news for the actor is audience loving the movie and making the insane mouth publicity which bringing the audience to the theatres even in the odd weather. The degree of positive response ‘A Quiet Place’ is getting,  is so magnificent that it has become Paramount’s best non-sequel opening weekend in almost five years.

Meanwhile, the movie becomes the second blockbuster which received an impressive opening after the movie ‘Black Panther’ ($202 million). The laughter riot movie Blockers also managed to earn above $20 million on box-office which got released on April 6.




The Avengers: Infinity War actor, Chris Pratt, 38, took his Instagram handle to share his views on the movie. He posted a video regarding the same while he was stuck in the traffic. He encouraged his fans to watch the movie.

In the video, He said that he just watched the movie and cant say how dope the movie was. The movie is unlike everything people have seen. It will scare the crap out of all. He said just cancel your all plans and go to the movie theatres now. He even added that he can’s endorse the movie enough. John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, two kids and freaking monsters. Everyone just needs to watch the film.

Along with the video, he added this caption- “HOLY CRAPPP!!!! Stop what you’re doing right now … AND GO SEE “A QUIET PLACE.” It’s scary, moving, with amazing performances and a totally original idea. A+++ 97% on rotten tomatoes for a reason. Bring a friend.”

Now isn’t it great when your friends from the same industry appreciate your hard work and dedication? A Quiet Place is one of a kind horror movie and should be watched by everyone. Yes, this film has that amount of awesomeness.


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