Neri Oxman, a new lady in Brad Pitt's life?

Is Brad Pitt’s good look or flirty nature responsible for all the dating rumors? Well, we cant say much as Brad Pitt is one of the most handsome men even at the age of 54. After dating string of ladies and marrying two of them, Brad Pitt is ‘Friends’ with MIT Professor Neri Oxman for past few months.

Brad got spotted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the month of November and other several times. Many students posted pictures with Brad and there was one photo in which Brad was standing next to Neri Oxman.

In the photo, Brad was wearing a whole black attire and smiling with all the students and in the second picture with Oxman and the group, he put his hands behind as the camera was taking the picture of the group. But later the picture of Brad with Oxman got removed.

As per the sources, Neri Oxman is very good-looking and genius at the same time. She is an architect and professor. If rumors are to believe they both become friends because of the mutual love for the architecture. Oxman is nearly 12 years elder than Brad and she met Pitt because of the new architect project at MIT.

Eventually, both got instantly connected because of the same interest area and initially, it was a professional friendship. There is also news that Brad is not treating as a full-time dating, He just likes to spend his time with her more. Though their friendship has reached to casual dating. Brad has a home-building named Make It Real.

This is when Brad met to Oxman. Right now it’s too early to comment on this rumor. Earlier in during an interview with W Magazine Oxman talked about the examples of the human tendency to idolize male figures and mentioned George Clooney and Pitt. She was happy while sharing that in the field of architecture field, there is no male dominance.


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