Former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller charged for fake bomb threat

The American actor, stand-up comedian, producer, writer and best known for his role in HBO sitcom Silicon Valley- T.J. Miller got arrested recently. He was charged with intentionally conveying the wrong information to police.

As per the resources, Miller got arrested on Monday night from the LaGuardia airport, New York. According to the federal prosecutors, Miller dialed 911 to report about a woman that she is carrying a bomb in her bag.

Reportedly Miller was traveling from Washington, D.C., to Penn station in New York City via Amtrak Train 2256. After his complaint, the officials of Amtrak stopped the train at Green’s Farms Station in Westport, Connecticut. He even informed that the suspicious woman has brown hair and carrying a scarf.

Soon the passengers came out from the train and the bomb squad members started the research to find the bomb but luckily there were not any explosive material or gadget available on the train.

The charge against Miller carries maximum terms of five years in prison. Miller appeared before U.S. District Judge and got released on a $100,000 bond. Miller even got asked that did he consume alcohol that day, to which he answered that he had a glass of red wine.

Miller gave a different explanation about how the woman looked whenever he got asked about it. Initially, he said that the suspicious girl was having brown hair. later he said that the girl had red hair and carrying a red scarf. He further added that the girl was carrying a black suitcase bag and continously asking the attendant about the next stop so she can be left the suitcase on the train.

As per the complaint, Miller was sounding drunk during the call. He even got asked that is he suffering from any type of mental illness but he said, he was not suffering from any mental disease and he was just concerned about the other people on the train.

Meantime, Miller consumed many drinks on the train and got involved in the unfriendly exchanges with a woman, who actually was sitting in another row. The case is getting investigated by Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, Connecticut State Police, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department and Amtrak Police Department and Westport Police Department.



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