Arnold Schwarzenegger All fine after a major open heart surgery

The action star of Terminator series “Arnold Schwarzenegger” underwent major open-heart surgery. The Hollywood actor aged 70 tweeted on Thursday via video to extend a word of thanks to the esteemed fans. This was the first time when the former governor of the state has been seen on the video since major surgery.

The actor stated that “thank you so much for all your wishes and for all the cards and phone calls including the emails, texts that I got from around the world” The healthy looking actor appreciated that very much. Adding to this he said “I just wanted to say that I am feeling better, but I am not feeling great.

Great is at a different level. I got good doctors, good nurses, good care; everything was fantastic during the treatment. He delivered the message while has to play the chess game to fresh-up his mind and his memory a little bit. He promised to stay in touch as he continues to recover. According to the reports his representative Daniel Ketchell released the statement about the surgery. He said that the governor underwent surgery to replace the pulmonic valve that was originally replaced due to the congenital heart defect in the year 1997.

The replacement was never permanent, so the governor chooses to replace it. After 20 years. In case of complication, the doctors were in the standby mode were successful in conducting the open-heart surgery. His condition is completely stable. Governer’s Schwarzenegger’s pulmonic valve is successfully replaced and is currently recovering from the surgery. Ketchell added, before extending the word of thanks to the entire medical team for their tireless efforts.

The actor came on the social media on April 2 stating that “It’s true I am back! He thanked all his lovely fans worldwide for their lovely wishes.


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