Amy Schumer emphasised during a chat with Gayle King in “CBS This Morning” that she wants everyone to know that she did not get her body retouched in her upcoming new movie ‘I Feel Pretty’.

In the comedy flick, which is all set to hit the big screen on Friday, Schumer plays the role of a young woman named Renee who is seen struggling with her insecurities. Thing take a twist when Renee wakes up from a head injury thinking that she looks pretty. Later, her character acquires a new outlook towards life which she did not have earlier.

The role was close for Schumer, who told King that she did not get have her body retouched for the movie. “I said, ‘Do not retouch me in this movie. Do not retouch anything. You see my cellulite. You see my, my rolls, whatever. … It’s like, I feel great,” said the comic actress.

Although the movie’s premise has got several backlash from the critics, who have argued that the movie ‘body-shames’ Schumer. However, Schumer replied back to the backlashes and said King that the movie has been made for people to feel good about themselves.

She said that she wants other women and other people to feel good about themselves and thinks that after they walk out from the theatres after the movie, they will really do feel good.

When King asked Schumer about Drake’s song lyrics in which the rapper raps about women worrying about the weight when men never notice them, Schumer said that she agrees with Drake’s statement.

Even though the movie has been titled as “I Feel Pretty”, the actress said that she feels the prettiest when her outward appearance does not matter. She said that when she is in her sweatpants with her family and friends and no makeup, she does not think about what she looks then.

Emma Joe
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