On Thursday, a Minnesota prosecutor will announce whether any person will be charged for Prince Rogers Nelson’s drug overdose death in the year 2016.

Last month, a toxicology report from the Prince’s autopsy report showed that the singer had opioid painkiller fentanyl concentrations in his body which the experts said was ‘extremely high.’ The official cause of the death was said to be a self administered overdoes of the drugs.

Last year, the search warrants revealed that prescription drugs were discovered in Prince’s house. Some of the prescriptions were in the name of a confidant who claimed that he did not have any idea that Prince was addicted to the painkiller. However, the documents did not indicate whether the officials investigating the matter had pinpointed the real source of the pill and no one was charged for the crime.

Prince’s body was discovered when the son of the doctor Howard Kornfeld at Recovery Without Walls, a drug rehabilitation center located in California arrived at the center in response to a call he received from a representative who reported a grave medical emergency, the attorney of the center said at the time.

Kornfeld’s son, who is not a physician, had carried a drug with him which is often used for the withdrawal of opioid. However, Price was found unresponsive and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

A source said that Prince was being treated by Michael Schulenburg, a doctor who specialises in treating the elderly for opioid withdrawal, fatigue as well as anaemia.

As per the court documents, Schulenburg saw Prince on April 20, 2016 night and came back to Paisley Park the next day morning, only to find out that Prince was no more. Prince’s close friends said that after coming to know about the sad news,  that they did not believe that the musician was abusing drugs.

Emma Joe
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