Love horror movies? A Quiet Place is a treat for you

If you really enjoy the movies filled with high voltage thrill and horror then you may witness the best movie of the year. A Quiet Place film will leave you speechless. The flick has an amazing concept, in which blind predators can hunt by hearing the human noise.

The movie is directed and co-wrote by John Krasinski. Emily Blunt is in the lead role along with real-life spouse John Krasinski. The film has received critical acclaim when it premiered on March 9, 2018, at South by Southwest. The epic movie will hit theatres on April 6, 2018.

The screenplay is written by Bryan Woods, Scott Beck, and John Krasinski. The storyline is very interesting. In the film, it’s a post-apocalyptic world where strange aliens attack Earth, though these creatures are blind they have a great power of hearing. They appear all of sudden whenever they hear any noise and eat the target. The movie revolves around a couple who do everything to save their kids.

Emily Blunt is playing the role of a pregnant mother. Now, what can be more horrifying than a situation where you are forced to give birth at a place where making a little noise can take your life. The whole family uses sign language to interact and goes barefoot whenever they are travelling.

This is the beauty of the film where actors are delivering power-packed and almost word-less performances. Emily’s acting is looking very promising. Surely her husband has given her a very challenging role. The couple shares some romantic scenes in the film we can crush on.

The movie is powerhouse drama where parents love their children extremely and keep finding ways to protect them. So what are you doing this weekend? I suggest you go on the movie date as this movie is worth of every penny spent.


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