E. Coli makes Giant Eagle to recall its products containing Romaine Lettuce

The Giant Eagle, one of the largest supermarket chains with stores in various U.S States, had to recall the products which contained Romaine Lettuce sold in its Giant Eagle, Market District and Get Go locations across the cities of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Indiana.

The company had to recall its products because it was reported that a CDC (Centres for Disease Control) notice was placed on the lettuce sourced by a partner in Yuma, Arizona growing region, according to a news release from the company.

Sources say that the Romaine Lettuce is said to be infected with E.coli bacteria. Escherichia Coli is a bacterium which causes diarrhoeal illness which may often be accompanied with bloody stools. Most of the infected can recover in a week, but others can even develop a form of kidney failure called Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome and it most likely happens to young children and the elderly.

E. Coli outbreak in Romaine Lettuce cultivated in Arizona

Sources say that a large number of ready-to-eat products which were packaged within the duration of 9th April -13th April were sold to various catering sites, restaurants and salad bars.The items, however, were packed in clear plastic containers under hygienic working conditions.

As the company states,Till now, no signs of illness are reported among the customers associated with the recall. The company has called to either dispose or to return the products to local Giant Eagle stores as early as possible. Customers are requested to bring in the receipts for initiating the refund process.

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