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Cryptocurrency News

Cryptocurrency News: The cryptocurrency market has evolved to include new players. Key participants in the cryptocurrency markets now include companies like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar. These events have led to the development of an environment that encourages innovation. The capacity of the digital currency companies to innovate, fuel a trend that encourages the use of cryptocurrencies, and solve market problems has cemented this development.

New Companies as key participants in the Cryptocurrency Markets

Even though Bitcoin is a major player in the cryptocurrency market, new companies have started making waves. Bitcoin commands the largest cryptocurrency value in the modern day and operates through blockchain technology. The tender is decentralized because no central authority regulates how it operates; accordingly, the frenzy around Bitcoin has caused spikes in transactions. This development has opened up new opportunities in the market.

Bitcoin Cash

After the Bitcoin split, Bitcoin Cash became one of the key participants in the cryptocurrency markets. The high transaction times present at the Bitcoin network alarmed different developers. Consequently, these individuals came up with a solution that would grow each transaction size, and, in the end, boost speed. The Bitcoin Cash developers affirm that the new currency’s transaction times are faster than the original Bitcoin.


Ether is the product of a blockchain company known as Ethereum, but developments in the market have led market players to use the two words interchangeably. Ether is one of the key participants in the Cryptocurrency Markets because it is primarily used in smart contracts, where agreements are drafted in code in a blockchain. After the concerned parties meet their obligations, a deal is executed. This technology expedites the trading process and prevents errors since each party does not have to constantly update its part of the agreement.


Ripple is a pioneer in the cross-border transactions solutions for established financial corporations. The currency operates via blockchain technology. In the present day, transactions take a few days to process but at an exceedingly high cost. Banks with high volumes but low-value transactions find this development precarious because they find moving money and the associated percentage cuts to be relatively high. Ripple intends to solve this problem through the XRP software, which allows businesses to access instant liquidity in high-value transactions without the need to pay the associated fees. XRP bridges the gap between fiat currencies in a transaction; Ripple transactions in XRP may be executed in four seconds, which is faster than any major transaction that exists in the modern world. One of the latest news revealed: Stellar. The price predictions suggest a big spike in 2019.


One of the new big players in the industry. In a bear market is on the winner’s side.

In conclusion, the decentralized nature of digital currency is attributable to the currency’s capacity to lure investors to join the cryptocurrency market. The developments in the digital space determine the key participants in the cryptocurrency markets because the most innovative individuals get the opportunity to take over the market. This assertion is true because companies like Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and Ethereum have developed technology that has reduced the wide market share of Bitcoin, even though it is still the dominant player in the industry.


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