Americans over the globe do celebrate Independence Day on 4th July. The American Independence Day brings a lot of celebration for the country. People do party and celebrate with fireworks. American Independence Day is celebrated at the White House being marked as a special day.

People wish happy Fourth of July, but don’t really understand the purpose behind the same. What is 4th of July? We have to take a look at the history in this regard.

Going back to European colonization, most part of the contemporary America was under European rule.  In fact, major part of North and South America was separated between the European nations, and was ruled as well.

However, in 1606, King James I went for permanent establishment. He later went for forming Colony and Dominion of Virginia in the next year itself. In fact, by the same time, the other prominent European nations too settled North American colonies. But, that was not really the reason behind celebrating 4th of July. This is so as ultimately the colonies came under the English rule.

Province of Georgia was formed in the year 1732. Through the process, it added as the 13th colony to be within the English rule. The other 12 colonies were-

  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticuit
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island and Providence
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Carolina

Basically, the English administration was involved in trading of tobacco and tea at these colonies. Through the process, it managed to be the prime trade centre of the British Empire.

However, the population of the colonies increased significantly between 1625 and 1775. As a result, a great number of immigrants started shifting there from other European countries.

Gradually the colonies formed effectual local government. They also followed electoral process. It eventually led to protest against the British rule.

The American Independence:

A lot of conflict occurred in Europe in 18th century, which opened the door for Fourth of July independence.  Many wars occurred in Europe, including the Seven Years War. The conflict later propagated across the colonised states, including the Thirteen Colonies in America.

Apart from this, the French and Indian War also took place throughout North America. This created a vibe of independence in these colonies. All these occurred in between 1754 and 1763.

Post completion of the war, the trouble of tax became a major issue. This resulted disturbances for the British rules.

Many efforts were made by the UK parliament as well to minimise import taxes. They also emphasised and brought constraints in the power of self-governance. As a result, the patriots got more enthusiastic. They determined to get independence from British rule. Patriots also wanted to stay away of the intellectuals those who wished to keep it up with it.

Eventually, the Thirteen Colonies announced a war of independence against the British Empire. The first step they took in this regard is by not paying taxes to the British.

Naturally, British troops arrived to give resistance. However, the major setback was that the nations like France, Spain and the Netherlands supported those in the colonies.

One may question, why do we celebrate 4th July after all? Ultimately, it was July 4th 1776, the day on which the colonies, who were involved at war with the British, troops declared the US Declaration of Independence. This announcement basically meant that they regarded themselves as 13 independent states, and moreover, they don’t fall anymore under the British rule.

It is here to mention that the prime part of the independence declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson. Among others, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert L Livingston were also the part of the committee that prepared the draft of the declaration.

It was 1782, when ultimately the British Parliament finally decided to bring conclusion to the whole kind of opposition activities occurring then in North America. In the next year itself, all parties signed the Treaty of Paris. As per this, the Great Britain decided to accept the sovereignty of the United States. This brought the Independence, and moreover, concluded the war.

Independence Day celebration:

It was November 25, 1783, when the last British troops departed New York City. Ultimately, this ended the British rule in the new United States. However, July 4 became a national paid holiday in 1938 only. The day was celebrated with a lot of fireworks around the country. The celebration was also accompanied by political parties and army force parades. People decided the day to celebrate with their families and friends. Since then, the Americans are celebrating 4th July as the Independence Day. On the day, the Americans enjoy paid holiday. There are many interesting instances of celebration. Specifically, Bristol in Rhode Island holds the record of the nation’s longest running Independence Day celebrations.


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