Angry YouTuber terrifies YouTube headquarters, shoots three people

The world is turning into a strange place where there is no value of a human’s life. An incident depicting the statement occurred in the YouTube’s headquarters, California.

The 39 years old YouTuber named Nasim Najafi Aghdam injured three employees of the company and shot herself with a semi-automatic handgun. She drove above 500 miles from San Diego to reach the tech giant’s San Bruno, California, headquarters. She was angry from the company as YouTube demonetised and restricted her videos.

The incident happened on Tuesday and YouTube has terminated her account as she violated many policies. While talking about the incident Nasim Najafi’s father said that he was aware of the fact that her daughter is troubled with YouTube’s actions towards her channel. Her family also revealed that Nasim used to think that YouTube is ruining her life.

The people who were injured because of the gunshots got referred to local hospitals of the city. Police are investigating the issue and have not found any relationship between the shooter and victims. Earlier there were speculations that shooter may know one of the victims.

The family of the YouTuber stated that they didn’t know their daughter had a gun. Before the incident, father of shooter tried to call her several times but she didn’t pick. Later she got tracked 25 miles away from YouTube headquarters sleeping in the car around 2 A.M. on Tuesday.

After the tragic incident, Facebook, Instagram and Google turned down her channels, profile and website by the end of Tuesday.

She was having multiple language YouTube channel such as Turkish, English, Farsi and one channel was dedicated to hand art. She used to put dance videos, exercise videos and food recipes on her website and channels.

She was upset with the company for filtering her channel, her videos were getting views but she was not earning that much comparatively. The continued frustration led to this shocking occurrence.


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