Is Vladimir Putin’s net worth is highest in the world

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s president and no one exactly knows about his net worth but many believe that he is the richest man in this world. We can predict his net worth with his lifestyle and earnings.

Let’s talk about Putin’s wealth. The place in which he lives is worth about $1 billion. He also has a $500 million yacht. Former Russian government advisor named Stanislav Belkovsky estimated that Putin’s net worth is more than $70 billion.

As per the other speculations, Putin had $40 billion hidden away in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He wears custom-made suits which generally costs $5500. In 2015, a picture of Putin surfaced on the internet in which he was wearing sweatpants and shirts worth $3200. Here you can imagine the person who wears such expensive clothes in which he will just sweat after the workout; what can be the net worth of him.

He also has a luxurious taste of watches and he almost owns 11 of them which are worth around $687,000. This news came in highlight in 2012 and like other claims came out as baseless. According to the past speculations, Putin has several luxurious yachts, private jet and helicopters. He also has access to 20 various villas and palaces.

If rumours are true, then Putin controls 75 percent of Swiss oil company Guvnor, though the fact has been denied by Guvnor. Also, he controls 37 percent and 4.5 percent of Russian oil companies, Surgutneftegaz and Gazprom.

Therefore, the roughly estimated net worth of Putin is around $200 billion, if this is true then Putin ultimately becomes the wealthiest man in the world. The Panama papers revealed the fact that Putin’s advisor and close friends were earning in millions which eventually is not possible if Putin is not making millions of money.

Once, during an interview, Putin said that he is the wealthiest man in the whole world. He further added that he collects emotions, he is wealthiest because Russia entrusted him twice and that is his greatest wealth.


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