Nas Net Worth

Nas Net Worth

Nas Net Worth: Nas aka Nasir Bin Olu Daren Jones is an American Rapper. Right now he holds the records of selling 30 millions of his song records worldwide with eight frequent Platinum and several more platinum records too. Along with the music industry, he’s is a successful entrepreneur with several businesses which made Nas’s net worth over 60 million as per 2018.


Nas Young Life

Nasir Bin Olu Daren Jones or commonly known stage name Nas was Born on September 14, 1973, to his father Olu Dara (Charles Jones III) and his mother, Fannie Ann Jones. He was Born in Brooklyn, while his father was jazz And blue Musician and her mother was a worker in Postal Service at North Carolina. He also has a sibling brother Jabari Fret Aka Jungle, who is a part of Hip-Hop Band Bravehearts. In 1985, they, and he dropped out of school. He started learning from The Five Percent Nation. From a small age, he began playing the trumpet and creating rhymes.

Career Days

Nas Net Worth

In the Teenage he, under the name ” Kids Wave” worked with his neighbor being a Dj to make records. At this stage, he started working with more significant professionals and even worked in Recording studios. He did few recordings but never made into the market until 1990’s with his public debut.

In Mid 1990’s he signed a contract with Columbia Records, and in 1994, his debut record released. It received lots of praise and was a massive hit. His first album was awarded by ” The Source” as the best album of 1994. He kept making new records until 2001 when he had a nasty controversy with Jay-Z hit the market. Some of best works are Illmatic (1994), Stillmatic (2001), Distant Relatives (2010) and Life is Good (2012).


Personal life

Nas mentors P’Tones Records which is a non-profit Music Academy. His ex-fiancee, Carmen Bryan gave birth to Nas’s daughter Destiny, and later she confessed about her relationship with his Rival Rapper Jay-Z. She also revealed about Jay-Z using subliminal messages in his raps on their relation.  In 2005, he married Kelis following a relationship for two years. On May 21, 2010, they divorced after Nas accused of physically and mentally abusive. In their five years of Marriage life, they had a son. He lives with Kelis right now.


Entrepreneur Life

Nas Net Worth

He had much Attraction to Technology, so he funded an investment Firm called Queensbridge Ventures. This Venture usually provides investment from 100$-500,00$. This Venture has backed some top-rated companies till now like  Genius, Casper, Lyft DropBox and a lot more. It receives 100s of pitches each month for funding seeking investments. He owns small equity in a Security firm Ring. Well, this Company is acquired by Amazon for $1.1 Billion. He got his own Fila Sneakers Store in  Las Vegas. He even founded Mass Appeal Magazine as well as Mass Appeal Records.

Recent Developments

J.Cole recently launched an album named “Let Nas Down.” in support for Kelis’s Abuse Accusation on Nas. He even distanced himself from Nas with vulgar Remark.

Nas recently had his Hip-Hop Cash King Debut after a tie with Dr.Dre at $35 million.


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