Logic Net Worth, Age, Parents, and Songs

Logic Net Worth

Logic Net Worth: Logic aka Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is one of the famous American rappers and singers. Logic started rapping from his teenage. His first mixtape released in 2010, Young, Broke & Infamous. Right now Logic Net worth is adjusted at $14 million so let’s see how he made it.

Logic Age, Parents, and Young Life

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II born on January 22, 1990, to Robert Bryson Hall from African-American Native and a Caucasian mother. In his teenage, he spent most of his days on West Deer Park Which is neighborhood to Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Logic’s Father had severe Alcohol Trouble even his Mother was alcoholic. Login in an Interview explained how, in his very young age, saw his brother selling cracks all over the street. With such Experience, Logic Claimed he can still recall the way to process Crack Cocaine. He Attended Gaithersburg High School but expelled from the school due to excess skipping of classes so never completed Graduation.

When Logic was 13 years old, he met with Solomon Tylor who later became his mentor. After Watching Kill Bill: Volume 1, Logic attracted to rapping and hip-hop. So, Logic started listening more such albums until he did his stage debut as Psychological. Finally, Logic released his first unofficial Mixtape named Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape.

This Mixtape helped him to seek attention, and he started performing warm-up act all over Maryland for various stars like Pitbull, Redman and many others. There, he changed his name from Psychological to Logic

Logic Songs Career

Logic released his first official mixtape on December 15, 2010, named Young, Broke & Infamous. After This, Visionary Music Group signed Logic under an independent label.

In 2011, Logic released his second mixtape in 2011, named Young Sinatra; then he published several more mixtapes with Def Jam Recordings during 2013.

Logic Net Worth, Age, Parents, and Songs
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In 2014, Logic Released Under Pressure as his Studio Debut. This Album was a smashing hit and ranked #2 at Billboard chart under the category Hip-Hop/ R&B. Logic now got the opportunity to work with several other artists like Wiz Khalifa, Childish Gambino, and many other stars too. As per our Research, in 2018 Logic Net Worth is $14 million.

Logic released mixtape Bobby Tarantino II on March 2018. Logic announced that signed a $30 million Contract and spent $10 million in Tax, so we can assume he made $20 millions outs of it. Sucker for Pain is another overwhelming hit album featuring Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragon and X Ambassadors.

Later, on September 28, 2018, Logic released his 4th mixtape YSIV even three more singles before it like One Day (feat. Ryan Tedder), Everybody Dies, and The Return. Hall announced, he’s working on a new album Ultra 85 which is going to release soon as well as writing a noble which will publish in late 2018. Hall announced, he’s working on a new album Ultra 85 which is going to release soon as well as writing a noble which will publish in late 2018.

Logic Personal Life

Logic wants to pay full attention to his Music Career, so he broke his five years of relationship. It was October 22, 2015, when he married to singer Jessica Andrea. Jessica has been Logic then-girlfriend for two years. Logic announced their divorce on March 20, 2018, and on April 19, 2018, Logic officially filed for divorce.

After separation, Logic told they are still friends, and the Logic spent some $3.57 million to acquire a new house in Calabasas, California. Logic also operates his official YouTube channel, where he posts his video game records.
Once, Logic described himself as a pothead, he further added he doesn’t drink or smokes weed except for smoking pot when he was young. However, these days he doesn’t prefer anything else than an occasional glass a Champagne.

Logic in News

  • Critics have claimed that Logic’s Long awaited album The Carter V will be a Massive hit despite fierce competition from Kanye West and Lil Wayne Albums.
  • Logic Kept his Promise, Reunited with Wu-Tang Clan for his upcoming album.


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