Julie Chen Net Worth

Julie Chen Net Worth

Julie Chen is an American Born Celebrity, News Anchor as well as Producer at CBS. She is 48-years old co-host of Famous Television Show “Big Brother” and “The Talk”.

As per Current data, Julie Chen net worth is around 16 million American Dollars. Her prime Source of Income is the long-running Television series which she co-hosted like “The Early Show” in CBS and host for Daytime Talk Show “The Talk” for About Eight Seasons. She Also Co-hosted the American Version of Big Brother which is one of the longest Running TV Reality Show in the history of American TV Series. She’s been a part of it since 2000.

Julie Chen was born at New York on January 6, 1970, to a Chinese Immigrant. She attended University of South California and Passed out with Graduation Degree at 1991. Chen did an Internship at CBS during 1990 later she started working at ANC News Daily further promoted as Producer.

The Longest running American Reality Show “Big Brothers ” since it was aired first time in the year 2000 was hosted by her and she’s still a part of it.

Julie Chen Husband

Julie Chen Net Worth

Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves, the former CEO and Chairman of CBS Corporation. He had to Resign over Serious allegations accused of Sexual Misconduct. Amid these Allegations, Julie Chen Stirred up Controversy by using her Married name “Moonves” while addressing the Audience at the beginning and Ending at an episode of  ”Big Brother”.

On September 18, 2018, she stepped down from her position as “Co-Host” from CBS Daily Day talk show” The Talk”. In a Pre-recorded Video, she addressed everyone with her decision to resign from the show “The Talk” to spend more time with her Husband and children. She also thanked everyone, who was working with her for this long duration of 9 years. However, her Critics take her action as a response to counter the allegations against her husband. Also, this made her stance Clear to be in support of her husband while this seeks a lot of attention from Media and News Outlets.

And now, Julie Chen has confirmed that she’ll be staying on as the host of Big Brother, according to TMZ.


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