Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern Net worth

Howard Stern Net Worth: Howard Stern Aka Howard Allan Stern is the most successful American Radio Celebrity. Along with radio personality, he has also appeared in Television too. Stern has an estimated Net worth of 650 million with over 90 million earning per annum.
With such massive success, Howard Stern Net Worth is about $650 million and his making about $90 million from various sources each year.

Howard Stern wife

Howard Stern Net Worth

If we talk about Howard Stern wife, he had married twice. He married Alison Berns in 1978, and they had 3 children until they divorced in 2001. Stern again married Beth Ostrosky Stern who is a crowned actress and model. They now live together in New York.

Howard Stern Childhood 

Howard Allan Stern was born on January 12, 1954, as a second child to Ben and Ray. His parents lived on Jackson heights which falls in outskirts of New York City. Stern’s parents were immigrants from Poland and Austro-Hungarian, and they were Jewish. Ray was a homemaker while Ben was serving in US Army. Later his father worked as a Radio Operator, and while he was only 5, this fascinated him towards Radio.

It was 1955 when Stern’s family moved to Roosevelt, New York, where he attended Washington-Rose Elementary School then he went to Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School. Stern started taking piano lessons and had interested in marionettes, but later he discovered his real passion. In 1974, he gained admission at School of public communications and in July 1975, he earned his Radio Operator License from FCC. This license helped him to land him a new job at WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts for a short term. In May 1976, he graduated with his major in Broadcasting and Films.

Early Career Days

In 1976, he started working at WRNW. Over five years he spent hosting shows on WWWW and WCCC. It was 1981 he moved to Washington D.C to organize a morning show on WWDC. It is the place, where he tested the success for the first time, and he never turned back. With his growing influence, he was offered with $1 million by WNBC in New York to work at Afternoon show. He was at the height of his all-time until he was suspended for inappropriate content.

In October 1985, Infinity Broadcasting signed a 5-year contract with Howard Stern. He made 500,000$ with this contract. He was so famed; Fox network offered him Television Debut. Expressing his interest in Television Network, he hosted “Howard Stern’s Negligee and Underpants Party” which was his first Pay per view show. In 1990’s His career was skyrocketing when re-signed a contract worth 10-million with Infinity Broadcasting.

Later Career Days

Howard Stern Net Worth

He was making a fortune working in a series of Radio, Television even in Movies too. In 1999, Forbes recognized him as a celebrity making over $20 million per year. Despite all fame, he kept working in radio and even signed with Simon & Schuster for $1 million to write and publish his book ” Private Parts.” This Book was a massive Success for Simon and Schuster. He even sold its movie-making rights to Paramount Pictures, making more fortune. He had another contract with ReganBooks worth 3 million and his second book “Miss America” got published. Sirius Broadcasting made a $500 million contract with Stern and again re-signed it in 2010 for next five years.

Recent Stories

Howard Stern hosts a show named “The Howard Stern show” which has raised various media outcry. Major news outlet criticized Trump’s Interview because he used the word “Retarded” as he claimed earlier he never used this word.

Another recent controversy was when ‘SNL’ Star Pete Davidson recalled Syracuse as trash. Davidson also made other several offensive remarks on his show.



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