Beyonce Net Worth 2018: 500 Million

Beyonce Birthday: 4 September 1981
Beyonce Age: 37 Years
Beyonce Height: 1.69 m
Beyonce Husband: Jay-z
Beyonce Children: Blu Ivy Carter, Sir Carter, Rubi Carter

Beyonce Net Worth: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is the most famous American Singer, Actress, and songwriter. She has won 22 Grammy awards till now and holds the record for being the most nominated person in the history of Grammy. Before she started singing alone, she was a part of a girls group Destiny’s Child, which was a successful group of its time, which earned several awards. Beyonce net worth is 500 Million alone and together with her husband Jay-Z, they are worth 1 Billion dollars.

Together, Beyonce and Jay-Z, lead a very luxurious life with yachting vacations, lavish mansions, and even private jet. So let’s see how she achieved the god’s dish.

Beyonce Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Height, Husband, Children

Beyonce and Jayz married in 2008 and have three children. Her first kid Blu Ivy Carter was born on 7 January 2012. And in 2017, Beyonce gave birth to twin son’s Rumi Carter and Sir Carter on June 13, 2017.

Beyonce Age and Childhood

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on September 4, 1981, to Celestine “Tina” Knowles and Mathew Knowles at Houston, Texas. Beyonce Age is 37 now. From a very young age, Beyonce was talented and took part in dance and competition throughout her childhood. She spent her childhood in Houston. Texas, and attended Alief Elsik High School also a member of the choir at St. John’s United Methodist Church.

Beyonce Songs Career

Beyonce Husband Jay Z

Beyonce started her early career in late 1996 with her engagement with Destiny’s Child, and they released their debut album in 1997. The record had a track ” Na Na Na”  which became a global hit. They released their next record t 1999 and sold almost 8 million copies. Destiny’s Child Third Album was a massive success with their entry to Billboard 200 and even nominated for several Grammy awards.

In 2003, Beyonce decided to work herself and released her first solo album ” Dangerously in Love,” but it didn’t perform well. Later she released her second album B’Day which was widely accepted, and it borrowed the style of 80’s and 90’s like R&B and Hip and Hop.

In Beyonce’s next album I was Sasha Fierce in 2008, she presented much of Hip and Hop, R&B, Slow, and several other styles. This album was the massive success among all her solos with 8 million sells globally. In 2011, she again released her new album ” 4″ where she combined R&B with Contemporary Music. This album was widely accepted and well appreciated by critics.

Apart from her music live, she appeared in a few well-performing movies too like Pink Panther, Epic and couple more too. With all these widely accepted music albums and films, Beyonce net worth is 500 million.

Beyonce Wealth and Current News

As per our estimation, in 2016-2017, Beyonce made over 60 million dollar which means she’s one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. A large piece of her wealth comes from the foundation “World Tour” which earned as much as 250 million.

Beyonce Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Height, Husband, Children

In 2018, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are right now On The Run II (OTR) Tour which is making 200 million and is the highest ever they made together.

Beyonce is good businesswoman too. She launched Beyoncé Heat, a fragrance line which made over 75,000$ in the day of launch. As per official Reports, $400 million worth of fragment sold till now. Apart from this, she launched a  Vegan Meal Home Delivery Company at Las Vegas.

Last but not the least, she even owns equity in Tidal, a music streaming service worth 600 million. Beyonce is recognized by Forbes as one of the most successful and self-made women in America.


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