Amazon Go to launch new stores at San Francisco and Chicago

The Amazon convenience store, Amazon Go, aims at removing the persistent frustration for shoppers by eliminating the checkout line.

This great store is now coming to serve the shoppers at San Francisco and Chicago as well.

In the first floor of the Seattle headquarters, Amazon Go store was open to rhe staff for a period of anan ye as Amazon was working the kinks out of its proprietary technology, made up of hundreds of cameras and sensors that allowed customers to swap an app on their phone, walk into the store and grab their items, and just walk out even without talking to a cashier or swiping bar codes.

However, as per sources, Amazon is now hiring for managers for similar stores in San Francisco and Chicago.

For taking up the advantage of shopping in the Seattle store, customers need to first download the Amazon Go app and link it to a payment method. Then they need to open the app on their phone and scan it at one of the four turnstiles to enter the 1,800 square foot store.

Once inside, cameras in the ceiling, sensors on the shelves and a massive amount of computing power track every item they pick up and what goes into their pockets or bags.


The technology used by them can be termed as an intelligent one. As the customers move through the store, each item is added to their digital tab. If they pick something up but then put it back, the store knows it and removes the item from their virtual shopping basket.

The Seattle stores sells ready-made sandwiches, salads and other lunch items as well as drinks, desserts and snacks. In addition there is a small grocery and sundry section, ready-to-heat meals, meal kits, beer and wine and a few shelves of Amazon-logo gear aimed at tourists.

It serves as a remarkably fast in-and-out experience for those looking to quickly grab and go. So much so that some visitors boast of being able to go in, grab lunch and be out in under a minute. There are no checkout lines and no checkout counters, though staff hover helpfully to aid new customers who are hesitant about how it all works.

The experience one gets by shopping at Amazon Go store possesses something of a novelty, which is still now attracting tourists to the Seattle location six months after opening. But curiosity also followed when Amazon opened its first bookstore in 2016. It now has 15 across the nation, with three more coming.

The actual Amazon Go store is extremely tech-heavy, was expensive to build and can only sell a narrow range of specially-selected items — nowhere near the 50,000 or so items a typical supermarket stocks.

However, with time, that could change, making the possibility of a true revolution in the way we interact while making an purchase in a normal shop.

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