It took Steve Kroft seven months to complete a ”60 minutes” report dealing with the investigation on the safety record of the  air craft- Allegiant air.

Allegiant Air is the Las Vegas based ultra-low—cost carrier. It was found that more than 100 serious incidents have happened due to mechanical issues.

Along with Michael Karzis and Vanessa Fica, Kroft found that between January 1, 2016 and the end of last October, Allegiant air has experience more than 100 serious mechanical failures including aborted take offs, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions and mid air engine failures.

The airline had issued a brief statement to the media before the story aired. However,  after the airing and in the internal memo, the airline responded that the segment was a “false narrative”.

Air Allegiant had several problems which came out through the 60 minute Report

The correspondent, Steve Kroft, reported that in an overtime segment of the “60 minute” report, he and his team did not get any kind cooperation from either the Allegiant or the FAA in the beginning of the reporting.

In the memo, the airline Allegiant had completely blamed the “report” on a employee who has been terminated. He is said to be indulged in “lawsuit seeking money damage against the company”. No other details of that employee are reported and the entire scenerepresented by the Allegiant seems unclear.

The report of “60 minutes” also highlights an incident involving Captain Jason Kinzer, who was fired in 2015 because smoke was found in the cabin shortly after the take off (sources say).

Several arguments have come up against Kinzer incident but it is noticeable that this incident was only one of them from the “60 minutes” report. The report emphasizes on air safety experts and passengers and public documents which shows a high number of aborted take offs, cases of cabin pressure loss and emergency situations.

The story highlights how Allegiant’s problems have come up due to its aggressive business model and a lagging safety culture. The people, however, through social media have shown their active participation and have given their views too for the Air Allegiant that they won’t be travelling in that aircraft.

Mia Noles
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