Kim Kardashian is not leaving photoshop anytime soon

Kardashians, from selling makeup to try on weird fashion trends, they have always been in limelight especially because of their personal lives and show ‘Keeping up with Kardashians.’

The sisters have made headlines by taking medical help to look beautiful. Now either it’s Kim’s curvy body which is achieved by the injections or Kylie’s lips which got popular with the help of injections. We can say that the Kardashians are the queens of controversies.

The Kardashians have always been in controversy. When we talk about Instagram then the sisters have been accused of photoshopping images of themselves to look perfect. Her recent picture was last year’s throwback. But as usual, she caught by her fans.

The image posted by Kim was a mirror selfie in which she was wearing two-piece from Calvin Klein. Her followers noticed that the picture is looking distorted from one section. There were comments that the door behind her right leg was looking a little bent.

If we ignore the photoshop part then Kim was looking hot and curvy in her mirror selfie as usual. Her picture was like her other mirror selfies.

This picture was from last year’s Calvin Klein collaboration which was with all Kardashian and Jenner sisters. The images of that shoot were really hot and all the sisters were looking super sexy.

Meanwhile, for multiple times these sisters came into controversy for photoshopping and morphing images of themselves. Though sometimes celebs do speak about controversies we can’t just expect them to give the explanation of each controversial story.

Kim has become a mother of her third child and named the baby Chicago West. After the delivery, she is working really hard for her makeup brand. She recently posted a full family picture on her Instagram handle. So, who cares about answering these photoshop stories?


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