Denzel Washington Net Worth, Movies and Early Performances

Denzel Washington net worth

Denzel Washington net worth: Denzel Washington or Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is an American-African Actor debut in Hollywood with the historical Drama Movie “Carbon Copy”. He was born at Mount Vernon, New York On Dec 28, 1954, to his Father Denzel Hayes Washington Sr. and his mother Lennis “Lynne”. Denzel Washington is at 220 million with over 40 movies in his resume. His Yearly Income is around $60 million. However, it seems as Washington spends a chunk of his wealth in the donation for churches and running scholarships in various Drama Schools.

Early Career days

In Early Days, he attended Pennington-Grimes Elementary School at Mount Vernon. After His parents Divorced, her mother shifted to a private School, Oakland Military Academy at New Windsor, New York. However, After a short Period, his mother sent him to Mainland High School, a Public school at Daytona Beach, Florida. He was Interested in Texas Tech University but unable to do so. He attended Fordham University, earned his B.A in Drama and Journalism.

It was the summer of 1976, he spent his days at St. Mary’s City, Maryland, performing Wings of the Morning. It was a Maryland State Play, based on early colonial Maryland. His colleagues suggested him to try for Movies. After completing his Graduation, he did his first Television series Wilma. His First Hollywood Debut was Carbon Copy, in 1981. He Received his First Award Obie Award for his role at Soldier’s Play as Private First Class Melvin Peterson.

Denzel Washington Movies

Before his debut in Movies, he worked in multiple Television series like  The George McKenna Story, License to Kill and Flesh & Blood. His most successful Television series was “St. Elsewhere” where He took the role of Dr. Phillip Chandler. This Show as a major Success and he was Nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards.

Though he was Successful, till 1980’s he was not that popular. Things here changed too, when he took of the role of Steve Biko, in the Movie ” Cry Freedom”. In 1980’s this movie made over 300,000$ in a very small release but he got his name for Oscar Awards for this Movie.

Denzel Washington Net Worth, Movies and Early Performances

His Knockout Performance was recognized in “Glory”. This Movie is based on First all-Black Regiment in American Civil War. In this Movie, he appeared as Pvt.Trip in 1989 along with Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman. This Movie was rate 93 % by Rotten Tomato and highly praised by Critics. However, this Made only 26.8 from Domestic Release still he earned his first Golden Globe and Oscar for his Supporting Role.

Washington’s Wealth and Fame was all high when he earned his first Oscar and Golden Globe award. in 1992, He appeared in another Movie named “Malcolm X”, Directed by Spike Lee. Here he was a Controversial Civil Right activist as well as the first American Black Politician. Though it was financially backed properly, it made over 48 Million in Domestic Release. This was a Massive Success with the good rating from Critics, even Washington again listed for Golden Globe and Oscar this time. He became one of those few historical Figure with this success.

He was also casted in “Philadelphia”, against Tom Hawks. This Movie was based on A man Diagnosed with HIV-Positive, Fighting for this Former Employee over a False Lawsuit against him. This adds another set of stars in his chest as it begged over 5 academy with hawks taking the Best Actor’s award. It made over 77.4 Million in the USA and 220 million from all around the World. This was a High score for him.

Denzel Washington Notable Performance

  • In 1990’s he made over 10 million for his role in ” Courage Under Fire”, along with this appeared other movies like Pelican Brief as well as Crimson Tide.
  • In 1999, He acted as “Rubin Carter” who was a boxer in a movie “The Hurricane”. This movie he was convicted as an alleged Murder and imprisoned Wrongly. This received a lot of motive response from the critics and made over 77 million worldwide. he again won a golden globe for his role in this movie.
  • He stared as a rogue Detective in the movie “Training Day” along with Ethan Hawke. This Movie made over 100 million worldwide and made him won his first Academy Award as Best Actor.
  • Washington along with Halle Berry made history when they both lifted Best Actor and Actress awards. This was awarded for their Performance in ” Monster’s Ball” and both were black.
  • In Mid 20’s he starred in another two big hits like “Antwone Fisher” and “Fences”. Here too Washington nominated for Oscar as his role of Working Class Father Troy Maxson.
  • His most recent work was “The Equalizer 2”, released in July 2018. Previously “The Equalizer” made over 100 million in Domestic Releases and over 190 million worldwide.

Current Developments

On September 28, 2018, i.e today, Denzel Washington recently appeared in August Wilson’s home at Pittsburgh. He announced the Renovation program, he launched to restore his home with a fundraising of 5 million. He even goes further and said, it will be completed by 2020 and would be known as Center of Art and Culture.

For a long time, he has been a spokesperson for Boys and Girls club so he stopped by the Senator Cory Booker’s Office on September 27th,2018. He advocated about the club at his office and shared a laugh.


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